Easy to build smart Chatbots that automate intelligent conversations between people and systems

Bluefish.ai and AI Chatbots are industry agnostic. Their limitless applications are redefining how to engage with customers, partners and employees, regardless of industry.

Bluefish.ai is an easy-to-build bot platform that anyone can use to build a bot in under 15 minutes without any programming knowledge. It uses an advanced, high accuracy NLU engine and integrates with various existing apps.

The solution is easy to use and gives a range of freedom and comprehensive set of tools for users to create powerful bots. Bluefish.ai is a self-learning platform, and by extension, it will constantly improve as it learns more.



Bluefish.ai’s AI bot platform gives SMBs and enterprises the rich visual features needed to create high-value chatbots, without the development complexity. It provides simple but comprehensive integration capabilities, fast and easy to manage deployment across a multitude of channels.

Chatbot Builder

- Build Chatbots for any channel

- Reduce the time and cost of development

- Simple training interface

- API for easy integration with external systems

FAQ Builder

- Quick and easy upload of old FAQ documents

- Image and video based responses

- User and training manuals can also be part of FAQ builder

- Add these FAQ bots to mobile, website or any channel

Workflow Builder

- Simple, visual, drag and drop based workflow builder

- API for easy integration to any third party tool

- Make changes, define new flows faster and easier

Cognitive Builder

- Leverage multiple APIs, like face API, language API ,etc..

- APIs integrate with bots

- Give consistent, end to end experience to users with the help of cognitive services


“I can see the power and the benefit of implementing Chatbots, but we just don’t have the knowledge to engage in something so complex.”

  • Creating Bots requires significant tech knowledge
  • Chatbots are difficult to deploy and manage
  • Infrastructure plays a critical role In deploying bots, which also requires specialized skills solution
  • Bluefish.ai has made it easy for my team to build low cost, high functioning bots across all of our applications
  • Extensive knowledge of AI is not required
  • IT team is very comfortable with the ease of creation, integration and deployment of Bluefish.ai bots.
  • Bluefish.ai’s cloud based design and simple integration eliminates deployment challenges




Bluefish.ai is an easy to build bot platform that anyone can use to build a bot in under 15 minutes without any programming knowledge. Bluefish.ai uses, an advanced, high accuracy NLU engine and it integrate with many existing apps.

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